About Tea Geek

My name is Brent Swisher, and I am a true tea “geek”.

I first started drinking tea in college as a healthier alternative to pop.  At first, it was definitely more of a chore than a pleasure.

About a two years ago though I discovered loose leaf tea, and with it came the discovery that tea didn’t have to taste like funky hot water.  Since then I have been drinking tea on a daily basis, and love trying new types of tea.  I started this blog so that I could share some of my interest in tea with anyone who is interested.

I will be trying a different tea every week and blogging my opinion on it.  I also am trying to answer some of the common questions that I have had, or that have been asked of me. Hopefully, you can read and enjoy this, and maybe we can both learn a little about tea along the way!

If your interested in learning a little more about me, please be sure to check out my homepage.  Also feel free to follow me on twitter or steepster.

Brent Swisher
TeaGeek.org Founder

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